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Relevant Items. This quest starts and ends in Blade's Edge Mountains. Contents show] Background Edit The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a tactical card game set in the fantasy world of Tamriel. Players assume the role of powerful heroes whose actions will impact the fate of the land. Each hero has their own strengths, weaknesses, weapon, spells and abilities that allow them to defeat their enemies in different ways. Legend Seekers, from Tamriel's capital of Cyrodiil, are rare individuals who seek to destroy the empires of Cyrodiil through the use of magical relics called Prophecies. Seeking revenge for the murder of their master, Ascendant Bitterknife, and their Guildleader, Wisdom of the Five, Blade seeks to destroy the main empire of Cyrodiil. Blade is seeking the Sundered Blade Prophecy for vengeance and to destroy the Imperial forces. Hints Edit Blade's current location is far west of the Imperial City, in the Cyrodiil province of Outland. Their goal is to defeat a powerful boss who resides in the Blade's Edge Mountains. Although the Blade only has a Legendary summoner and his companion, they have plenty of other powerful cards to keep them alive. Blade does not appear in the Item Pass until the 16th turn of the game. Their first win will cost you 3 mana and one 2x to defeat their Legendary Champion, but you will be rewarded with the legendary item, Sundered Blade. Blade's first quest, A Sense of Justice, is the easiest quest to complete. You only have to defeat A Sense of Justice, the boss in the first Blade's Edge Mountains. In that quest, they will have only one champion, Wisdom of the Five. Blade's second quest, The Dreadful Blade, is the hardest to complete. You will have to defeat five bosses, and they will have 6 champions. The harder you make this quest, the more valuable the loot you get from it. To complete this quest, you must complete the first quest, A Sense of Justice. You should have gained five Captain's Blooms by the time you have completed A Sense of Justice, and you should have one of those blooms with a green circle around it. The Dreadful Blade quest begins when your deck has 8 or more cards. You will be greeted by a quest where you are tasked with defeating five bosses and their champions. If you win the quest,




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Downloaddiablo2furywithin10911 aleant
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