The Official EWFYHTM Diet

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Freedom. Freedom from anxiety. Freedom from weight. Freedom from aches and pains.

Freedom from brain fog.

Freedom from exhaustion.

Freedom from peeing when you jump.


How does that sound to you?

It is possible.

And it begins with following The Official EWFYHTM Diet.

Buzzer sound.

It does not begin with any diet--especially The Eat Whatever Food You Hate The Most Diet. Nope, just Nope.

It begins with mindset. It begins with the thoughts we put into our bodies.

Any diet I recommend as your coach, any foods, supplements, or lifestyle hacks I recommend, won’t do squat unless the mindset piece is there as scaffolding upon which you can build.

True story.

How many times have you lost and gained the same ten pounds?

How many different methods have you tried to manage your anxiety?

My story is about vision--having a clear and powerful vision upon which to anchor any of our health goals. When we have that vision clearly in place we are able to access the commitment to have our dreams come to fruition--whether they be about going to Hawaii, learning to ski, losing weight, or reducing anxiety.


We have enough science under our proverbial belts to know that anxiety, brain fog, weight management--along with all the symptoms I mentioned above--can be resolved, by and large, without pharmaceutical intervention.

But we can't just slap a “natural” or “holistic” bandaid on the problem any more than we can medicate them away. We get to prepare the scaffolding for the lifestyle and dietary hacks which will pave the way to transforming our health, putting us on a path to optimal health in mind, body, and spirit.

And that is what I am passionate about doing.

We do not need to be victims of our weight, anxiety, aches, and pains.

When we focus on the mindset piece we can give our bodies what they need to heal.

As I always say, The body is a healing miracle.

When we give our bodies what they need, we can achieve optimal health.

I promise.

And it won’t involve any EWFYHTM Diet--official or otherwise.

I am accepting new clients into my mind-body-spirit programs. Please reach out to schedule a call if you are curious!

Meanwhile--be sure to jump into the private Facebook group I have. I offer short weekly presentations filled with fun and tips to accelerate your journey to optimal health.

It is my honor and privilege to serve you.

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