Stress and Weight Acronymania!

Wherein Helen-the-Nutritional-Therapist goes nuts with shorthand on how to Be Calm now.

· What is stress anyway?

· How does it prevent us from losing weight?

· What do toxins have to do with weight loss?

· And, the vagus nervethe what now?

· How can we reduce the effect of stress so we allow weight loss?

S for subconscious pulling every-which-where

T for the tendency to people please

R for resisting assistance

E for emotional attachment to perfection

S for physical sickness in ourselves or others

S for sleep deprivation

Any stressors we have in our lives raise our levels of the hormone, cortisol. And cortisol blocks our weight-regulating hormones. Boom.

F for fat protecting us physically and/or emotionally

E for eating right but not moving the needle

A for absorbing toxins from the environment, so now we get to…

R—reclaim our wellness by

S—slowing down in order to release FAT

F for fear wadded up in our bodies

A for absorbing toxins and holding onto them to protect us

T for time to talk about the vagus nerve!

The vagus nerve is part of our parasympathetic nervous system and manages our digestion and heartbeat, immune function and…mood! So we get to keep it happy and calm. Here’s another famous Helen acronym (okay, soon-to-be famous?!!):

G for a good ole gargle

O for Om-mindful breathing and moments of meditation

H for humming and moments in nature

E for EEK! Cold water during a shower

A for abdominal massage—either by rolling around in a ball or palpating your belly

L for lavishing cold water on your face

These are some ideas to get you started on, or refresh, your healing journey to claim calm in the face of whatever storms life throws at you.

Stay tuned for more tips and techniques.

To your health—always to your health, in body, mind, and spirit,


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