New Year--who 'dis?

Let’s make this a Happy New Year!

What shall we get up to this year? What are we inviting in?

When we cast things in the positive we will receive more of them. Promise.

It’s not just wuwu magical thinking—we are seeing these spiritual truths borne out in the lab. Quantum physics is revealing what the philosophers and mystics have been telling us for eons—we create with our thoughts.

And I control my thoughts. It may feel as though they control me. It may feel as though I am a victim of my feelings, but…

Feelings come from thoughts.

We can shift our thinking, therefore we can shift our feelings. Which means we then can influence our actions and our results.

How powerful is that?

When we repeat affirmations, we are inviting our thoughts to shift to the positive. It works. I use them all the time. When I forget, when I think I’ve mastered the art of positive living, the stinking thinking sneaks back in and attempts to knock me off track.

I need all the support I can get.

I adore the work of Brene Brown.

One of her guiding thoughts:

Challenge accepted! Who’s with me?

I desire to create this year as my higher self wants it to be for me. I desire to:

“Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be; embrace who you are.”

Also Brene Brown.

I am committing to Freedom this year.

My word of the year came to me during a meditation. Freedom.

Freedom to follow my dreams. Freedom to release judgement of myself and, by extension, others. Freedom to be me.

Which makes me think of good ole Marlo Thomas and Free To Be You and Me.

Loved that album as a kid, find it inspiring as an adult.

“Everyone is free to be…you and me.”

Yes. Yes, we are.

I am committed to that for myself as well as for each of you.

Want to dive deeper?

I work with individuals and groups.

I am a mind-body-spirit health coach.

My six-step framework supports us in healing from a nutritional, emotional and spiritual perspective.

We are one body and what we welcome in—in terms of food and drink—has as much to do with our mental state as our thoughts and history.

We are one being with many facets and I believe in harmonizing them.

Interested in learning more?

My next session of Meet You Where You’re At begins January 7th.

Happy New Year!

Lose weight, lose anxiety, gain clarity!

Or schedule a call with me to see how else I might support you.

Catch you in 2021, y’all.

Embrace you! You get to be you all day, every day, and, I promise, that’s a grand thing!

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