Is CBD for me?

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Here’s something you may not have thought of:

One day a month the number of the day matches the last two numbers of the year. It’s a simple thing and it’s made me happy since I started noticing it sometime in high school.

It’s the simple things.

I’m feeling a little silly for sharing that, but there you go—do what you will with that information.

What comes next may prove to be more useful. Let me know.

CBD is another simple thing. It matches up with our innate endocannabinoid system and supports it into optimal function.

The endocannabinoid system is responsible for balance throughout the body. Homeostasis. Where things are flowing and working optimally.


Cannabidiol, as I’m speaking of, comes from hemp. Not marijuana. It is non-psychoactive. It will not make us high. It will not generally show up on drug tests because the THC content is less than 0.3%.

As a side note, both hemp and marijuana are types of cannabis plants. Marijuana has both THC and CBD. Hemp doesn’t have the THC.

It can get very confusing very quickly. Stick with me.

What can CBD do for us?

How it actually does it is not clear yet, but research shows that CBD can help with pain, anxiety, and nausea. It can support our sleep, reduce high blood pressure, help with fatigue and, fundamentally, reduce inflammation in the body.

According to an assessment done by VeryWell Health, CBD might help with:

· Acne

· Anorexia

· Anxiety

· Chronic pain

· Depression

· Drug addiction and withdrawal

· Epilepsy

· Glaucoma

· High blood pressure

· Insomnia

· Muscle spasms

· Parkinson's disease

There is even some evidence showing that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may benefit those with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Heck, benefits for any autoimmune condition. Worth a try, anyway. Really no downsides as long as there are no drug interactions to be leery of.*

Because the research is still in its infancy, we don’t have a lot of information. But we have enough to know that CBD can make a world of difference for some people. It can be night and day. Because it works with our innate system, it works differently for everyone. This means different dosing and different forms. And different brands for different results.

And it’s not usually a silver bullet.

What an unfortunate phrase. Designed to kill a specific person?! Yipes. Killing the problem, yes, but a rather violent image. I think I’ll scrap it and use:

It’s not necessarily magic.

When I first tried it—as a tincture from a vendor at an outdoor festival—I experienced an immediate reduction in my anxiety. Happy face. It was amazing. I experienced it as magic.

But I never experienced it that way again. Sad face.

Research shows us the impact is usually subtle and builds up over time as the CBD works to regulate the endocannabinoid system which is, in turn, regulating us.

Makes sense.

A friend of mine swears by it topically for pain. I have used it for that, as well, both as a cream and just the straight-up tincture. Either works. Capsules are great for a long-lasting effect, whereas the tincture taken orally works more quickly.

It’s pretty cool stuff, honestly. From the earth to support earth-grown bodies.

The next level of confusion, of course, is sourcing. So. Many. Options.

I prefer as close to the earth as possible. Meaning whole-spectrum. Meaning organic. Meaning no added fillers and weird stuff.

As another side note, hemp is one of the most resilient plants one can grow and truly does not need herbicides or pesticides, it should always be organic.

The product should have third-party testing results prominently available for review to prove that it is clear of heavy metals and other residues. This may seem obvious, but it is super important because hemp is what is considered a “bio-accumulator”. It drinks in whatever is nearby.

I have a friend who helps run a CBD company. They don’t let people wander around their hemp fields because they don’t want the plants to absorb perfumes and fabric softeners.


I invite you to ask me questions. I invite you to share your experiences. I invite you to reach out for support. CBD might be another tool to have in your wellness toolbox.



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