Holy Sugar Coma, Batman!

Our bodies safely handle 6-9 tsp of sugar each day and the USDA reported in 2020 that we are eating about 22 tsp. Each day.

Quick math lesson: 22-7=13

13 bonus teaspoons. At least. Daily.

13 teaspoons each day which our bodies don’t need.


If my body can only safely handle 6-9 tsp—what happens to what my body cannot “safely handle”?

· Adipose, as in the sugar turns to fat which is deposited everywhere we don’t want it.
· Excess sugar elevates the blood glucose levels yielding “sticky” blood, which raises our risks of type 2 diabetes, of heart disease, of cancer.

Wait, there’s more:

· “Sticky” blood is also implicated in dementia and other neurological disorders—to say nothing of how it stresses our immune and nervous systems leading to greater chances of illness and anxiety.

Mental health is affected by our over-does-it sugar consumption even though, in the moment, it gives us a hit of dopamine and makes us feel “better”.

Oh my. Why do we do it? The dopamine hit, for one. And for another, the gut bacteria we house which thrive on the sugars we eat—they “convince” us to keep feeding them. So we do.

Per capita the US leads the world: we are eating 22 tsp of sugar daily. That looks like 12 tsp of regular white stuff + 7 of high fructose corn syrup + 3 tsp of “other”.

If you’re not spooning it in, where is it coming from?

Hidden sugars. The salad dressings, ketchups, mayonnaises, spaghetti sauces, packaged and processed foods, yogurts, fruit juices and other drinks.

To name a few.

Sugar consumption affects the happiness of our guts, therefore, sugar affects the happiness of our brains.

Because your gut is where the majority of our happy brain chemicals are made.
If your gut is happy, you can be happy.

I can help you find gut happiness.

I can help you find brain happiness.

My next class begins in March. Nine weeks of support, wraparound support. Video chats daily. Weekly classes. Recipes. A detailed guidebook. A beautiful community to foster connection which goes beyond the nine weeks.

I am here to help you create habits for good. Habits to help you get where you want to go in your life and not be held back by brain fog and fatigue. Not be held back by anxiety. By digestive complaints.

Let’s do this.

Let’s create mind-body-spirit health. Optimal health.

Where do you want to go?

I can help you get there.

Reach out to me at or click the link to set up a quick call.

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