Helen’s Latest Greatest Warming Detoxifying and YUMMY Bevvie PLUS a little gift...

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Quick-like-a-bunny let’s do a recipe!

Have on hand:

Hot water (1/2 cup or so)

Hot liquid coconut milk—about half of a 13 oz. can (or other milk of choice)

In a good-sized mug mix together:

½ tsp. turmeric

½ tsp. matcha powder

1 Tbsp. cocoa powder

Add several shakes/dashes of:

Black pepper

Cayenne pepper

Sea salt


Please exclude anything you are sensitive to! If you are avoiding nightshades that means the peppers.

Likewise, if you are feeling gingery—add some powdered ginger. Cinnamon? Sure.

Viacheslav Bublyk on Unsplash

To this powdery mix add a small amount of pure water and make a paste. This helps ensure we don’t have lumps of bitter in our final product.

I like to use a fork, but if you have a tiny whisk this is your chance to use it. Gradually stir in about half a cup of hot water. Top up with the coconut milk.

Sip and cherish your creation—taking the time to pause and breathe. I like to focus on a gratitude or two.

Now for more good news:

Each. Of. These. Ingredients. Each. Of. Them. Is anti-inflammatory. And each of them possesses specific nutrients to support your body on its quest for optimal health.

You have created a powerhouse detoxification drink which warms your soul as well as your body.


I am committed to healing mind-body-spirit.
I am committed to holistic health.

And I am so excited about my Meet You Where You’re At transformational health program which begins January 7th.

· Kick anxiety to the curb.

· Inflammation? Kick that, too.

· Stomach? Bowel issues?

Let’s declare freedom from what ails us with this 9-week class.

We get to the heart of Why we eat the way we do and we build tools and connections to support us in making the changes which will help us


I am here to support you by keeping the class small and being available for each of you. It is community. It is connection.

It’s serious healing with a light-hearted touch.

Come share the journey from energy-zapped to flying!

Please reach out for more information and to register.

Let’s jump on a quick call to discuss whether it’s a good fit for you—or if there’s a better way for me to serve you.

I take ten women in the class at a time. I have a few spots open—does one of them have your name on it?!


I have a gift for you—wait, isn’t the recipe a gift?

Yes, well, here’s something extra extra special that I was inspired to create by The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron. One of my favorite inspiring books.

I encourage you to print it out, grab your crayons/markers/pencils and spend some time coloring!

Happy Happy Holidays.

And many blessings.


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