Effects, Side Effects, and Possibility!

Updated: May 8, 2021

Dearest community,

So much is going on right now. My goal is to ease that—to empower us with tools to navigate whatever comes our way. And that means from a mind, body, and spirit perspective.

Lately I’ve been pondering side effects.

Even if we pursue a healthy—quote unquote—lifestyle we pick up messages from our culture about ageing. We see advertising which normalises the idea of needing meds for XYZ condition and we accept it. And, somehow, most of us seem to block out, skip over, the daunting and lengthy lists of side effects.

Ah. Side effects. A worsening of symptoms? Paralysis? Suicidal ideation? Increased susceptibility to infection? Mood changes? Heart palpitations? Increased susceptibility to death?

Sure. Sign me up. Our primitive brains see only the shiny, happy people (that’s from the Talking Heads’ song, isn’t it? Nope. REM, sorry guys. ) and overlook the so-called side effects. Visuals are powerful. Our brains function on images. And names are also powerful. Calling these potentially life-changing, life-ending, consequences “side effects” takes them out of the middle of the street and puts them safely on the sidewalk.

The stated goal of the drug is really what should be called the side effect.

· Sometimes it will reduce your psoriasis.

· Sometimes it will reduce your joint pain.

· Sometimes you will cavort, laugh, and smile, jump, bicycle, and swim.

· Sometimes.

I mean, if so many pharmaceuticals are regularly used “off label”—more often than not, in some cases—how can we conscience calling things “side” effects. Just because we don’t know how your specific body is going to respond to a drug doesn’t mean it’s a casual, inconsequential effect.

Effect. They’re all effects.

There are so many aspects to this issue. The industry may have grown from a desire to heal. Researchers may be following their higher selves, their hearts, with the purest of intentions, but we have created a monster of epic proportions. A hydra which threatens to consume the very people who fostered it.

Once we awaken to this we awaken into choice. With awareness comes choice. And what I offer in my programs is just that.

You have a sense that things don’t need to be a certain way with your body. You feel as though your body has slipped away from you and been replaced by some look-alike replica. It just doesn’t move or function like it used to.

Let’s get it back.

Yes, we’re going to shift as we spend more time living in these suits of flesh, but we can have the happy, joyous, free presented by the advertising without trying to get it out of a bottle. We have awareness. We have choice. And we have community. Connection. Support.

When we open our eyes to what is possible we are powerful. When we harness our inner purpose, we are focused and determined. Dedicated to our lives and to those we care about.

When we open our eyes to our Big Why on the planet it becomes easier to shift into caring for our bodies with love and appreciation. In a word, it becomes easier to shun the sugar. It becomes more important to keep our body temples clean and operational in order to live out the mind and spirit goals than to satisfy our cravings. Once we’ve taken care of any physiological addictions or deficiencies created over the long-term.

When we are aware we have choice. Let’s embrace that today. Not hide from it. In the long run hiding doesn’t pay. Hiding has side effects which bloom. Side effects which loom. Larger and larger. Until they overshadow our lives.

Side effects.

I don’t want to be run by my body. I want my body to be able to serve my purpose here on the planet. How about you?

I just opened enrolment for my nine-week group class which runs

MAY 26th-JULY 21st.

With the Meet You Where You’re At (MYWYAT) Transformational Coaching Program you will learn how to:

· Get your body back

· Manage your anxiety

· Balance your weight

· Harmonise your hormones

· Improve your sleep

· Reduce your joint pain

· Regain mental clarity

· All the things!

Nine weeks with weekly Zoom meetings; nine weeks with wraparound support from me via email and the Voxer app; nine weeks of intimate community support—only ten women per class.

· You will experience a three-week sugar detox with the support you need to succeed.

· You will create lasting changes to carry forward in your life and launch you into a healthier future.

· You will create connections, laugh, and relax all while moving from your particular pain island onto pleasure island.

Are these extravagant promises?

No. When we are determined, dedicated, and supported, miracles happen. Magic happens. Connection plus education equals empowerment.

You’ve got this. And I’ve got you.

One of my clients says:

I have worked with Helen for about a year. She is extremely knowledgeable and stays current in her field. She is kind, loving, and generous with her knowledge. During our time together I’ve never felt judged, just supported and encouraged to find and do what’s best for me and my health, be it physical, mental, or spiritual. She has a tremendous sense of humor and an unerring intuition about when to be direct and when to accept. She will stay with you through thick and thin, as this journey has ups and downs. She understands that and yet, sees who you can be and reflects that to you in love and service. I would recommend Helen to anyone who wants improved health, she has what it takes to go the distance with you.

Click here for more details.

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