Eating as a political act: Magnesium!

Ready for a rant? Eating as a political act. What now?

If you don’t want The Man to “keep you down”--don’t eat food from multinational food corporations.


If you want to resist the “powers that be”, if you want to take back your power from the elite, monied folks who control business and government, buy local, eat local. It’s simple.

If you don’t want to be beholden to the medical-industrial complex, avoid processed food like the plague it is and stick to nutrient-dense whole foods. Simple.

Simple is not necessarily easy. Simple is a commitment. A commitment requires effort. We can experience effort as hard. We can experience effort as a drag and a drain. We can experience it as too much when we already have two, three, jobs to make ends meet. When we are reliant on public transportation. When we are unemployed.

Commitment requires commitment. Requires blinders on and determination under the best of circumstances. When we are experiencing victimhood those circumstances can feel insurmountable. And then we experience simple as impossible. Impossible.

And then McDonald’s wins. Taco Bell wins. Kraft in the blue box wins. Ramen wins. Little Debbie. Quick, easy, filling carbohydrates win. And the monied elite with their pharmaceutical companies and medical complexes win.

We lose. We, the people, lose. Every time.

Yes, I’m being dramatic. Yes, I’m being stark. Consider this a wake-up call. Our everyday choices matter; they add up.

And it’s a slippery slope. It’s circular. The snake eating its tail.

If I choose cheap, low-quality food then my body will feel like crap. If my body feels like crap I won’t have the energy to commit to preparing and cooking higher quality food.

If I choose cheap food that is quick and easy I am fueling my body with pesticide- and herbicide-riddled, genetically-modified, calories which fill me up and simultaneously deplete me of nutrients. We require magnesium, for starters, to digest our food. We require 30 molecules of magnesium to process just one molecule of sugar.

If I choose foods which deplete my nutrient stores I tax my mental as well as my physical health. They are intimately connected—being part of the same body. When my mental health is taxed I can experience anxiety, depression, even schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.


Magnesium isn’t the only nutrient depleted by overconsumption of sugar, but it is a great place to focus. When we eat whole foods, as in vegetables, quality proteins, fats, nuts, some grains, we are offering our body access to the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Magnesium deficiency, in particular, is rife because of the depletion of our soils and our reliance on processed foods and sugars. Deficiency is implicated in any nerve or muscle condition in the body, including restless legs. Heart and blood pressure problems can show up because we aren’t getting enough magnesium. It is implicated in any diabetes or pre-diabetes. It occurs with alcoholism. It is crucial for happy brains.

Magnesium is essential. It is found in your vegetables, your whole grains, your nuts, even your’s in cocoa/cacao and in avocados. We don’t make it in our bodies so we get to eat it.

And we get to choose to avoid things which deplete it. When we say No to sugar and processed foods we are saying Yes to our health. We are saying Yes to our power as independent actors in this world. We own our power when we take charge of our health. We own our power by making small choices every day which add up and help push the hand of corporate America out of our pockets.

We tell them, Go pick on someone your own size.

We get to choose what we put in our bodies. We get to choose our path of health. When it feels like too much, when it feels like overwhelm—we get to slow down.

What small choice can I make today? Can I choose water? Can I choose a salad? Can I skip the bun?

Start small. Baby steps may take us longer, but they will get us where we want to go—and they are sustainable. And babies get faster as they practice. Promise.

Baby steps for the win. And for taking our power back from The Man.

Go baby, go.

That rant was good for me. Thank you for listening.

More details about magnesium:

Embrace supplementation by using an oil spray on your body, by bathing—or foot soaking—with Epsom salts, by taking it by mouth. There are multiple forms of magnesium on the market and it is down to bio-individuality which form will work best for you. Oxide tends to be poorly absorbed. Citrate supports with constipation—and works well for calming before bed. Threonate works well for anxiety. Glycinate for sleep. Orotate for balancing sugars. Try them out cautiously, work with your practitioner, and listen to your body. Keep your health power in house.

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