Detox Tips! Simple and, Maybe, Easy.

Wriggle your toes in the grass for a simple detox boost

Helen-The-Nutritional-Therapist here with FIVE simple detox tips to get you ready for the potentially challenging holiday times ahead.

Just as a painter does best with a clean palette and a properly prepared canvas, so, too, do our bodies when we treat them with the same care.

1) GROUNDING: Bare feet on the earth. Take off your shoes and socks, wriggle your toes in some clean grass, water, or soil. Connect with the earth through bare concrete. The earth’s negative ions are powerful and gently detox our bodies, as well as offering a cleansing moment for our souls. (Soles anyone?)

2) SWEATING: Exercise is good for so many reasons, and discharging toxins through the skin—our largest detox organ—with a good old-fashioned sweat, is one of them. Saunas are another way to get your sweat on and your toxins out.

3) SLEEPING: As boring as it sounds, those 7-8 hours we sleep nightly are our detox pathways’ playground. When we mess with Mother Nature and don’t get that needed downtime, our toxins build up and we will eventually experience dis-ease.

4) NOT GRAZING and NOT EATING BEFORE BED: We are not cows with multiple stomachs always ready to digest. When we eat, our body focuses largely on digestion. If we want to give it a chance to work on cell repair, we get to give it a nice, long break from eating.

5) DRY BRUSHING: This one is a lot of fun, both because it feels good and also because it gives us an opportunity to catch a breath and slow down. See

for a demo of a technique to use. We are literally using a soft, dry brush to stimulate the skin and the lymph which lies beneath it. Easy to do yourself and possibly more fun with a partner!

If you want to keep that body from getting more gunked-up:

AVOID TOXICANTS: All around us are potential toxins. We can control many of them by filtering the water and air in our homes/offices, and by using personal care products and cleaners which do not contain dangerous chemicals. Vinegar and castile soap are my best friends when it comes to cleaning. And here’s a great source for safe personal care products.

And if you want to look into The Food Situation, join me for a sugar detox with The Restart Program. A relatively painless (it’s been three years and all of my students have survived!), very effective, approach to really getting the gunk out. My students will tell you it’s more fun than they expected!!

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