Announcing the Meet You Where You're At Program

I am launching a virtual six-week program which encompasses three pillars of optimal health:

· Body

· Mind

· Spirit

Yes, we will be embarking on a diet reboot, but it will be individualized to meet you where you’re at instead of being a one-size-fits-all approach so many programs use.

Yes, we will be addressing the Why, How, and When of eating. We will dive deep into our own mindsets when it comes to our own health. What supports you? What gets in your way?

And, yes, we will embrace the spiritual in this journey together. We will create community and explore our relationship with the divine. Not a religious question—strictly spiritual.

This program gives us the opportunity to refresh the roots of our health, to strengthen the trunk of our beings, and invigorate the branches of our lives.

I am excited to share this with the world and I need a group of willing and eager participants to dive into it with me. If you’re up for the challenge and open to all the possible benefits, please send me an email at telling me Why you’re a good fit to test the program!

Thank you dear ones,


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