Get your body back! Kick anxiety to the curb! Lose that weight that came from nowhere!

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Tell me more, Helen!

Alrighty then, here goes:

With the Meet You Where You’re At (MYWYAT) Transformational Coaching Program you will:

· Get your body back

· Manage your anxiety

· Balance your weight

· Harmonise your hormones

· Improve your sleep

· Reduce your joint pain

· Regain mental clarity

· All the things!

Nine weeks with weekly Zoom meetings; nine weeks with wraparound support from me via email and the Voxer app; nine weeks of intimate community support—a max of ten women per class.

· You will experience a three-week sugar detox with the support you need to succeed.

· You will create lasting changes to carry you forward in your life and launch you into a healthier future.

· You will create connections, laugh, and relax all while moving from your particular pain island onto pleasure island.

Are these extravagant promises?

No. When we are determined, dedicated, and supported, miracles happen. Magic happens. Connection plus education equals empowerment.

You’ve got this. And I’ve got you.

Here are the specifics:

WHEN: January 5, 2021-March 2, 2021

Tuesdays 7-8:30 PM EDT

WHERE: All meetings will be held over Zoom.

WHAT: Nine 90-minute sessions.

Voxer and email support almost 24/7.

Before and After toxicity assessments.

Guidebook and recipes for the sugar detox.

Mindfulness resources up the yin-yang.



Plus you get Really Fun Bonuses for signing up: a toaster? Ginsu knives?

You never know. I have so much I want to share that even nine weeks isn’t enough, so I’ve layered on these extras:

· Pay In Full Thanksgiving Thursday through Sunday at 8pm and grab the training for $797.

· Pay In Full at any point and receive your very own dry brush compliments of Wellness Revealed.

· Be one of the first five to register and receive a complimentary Nutritional Assessment valued at $197 along with an hour-long consult with Helen.

· Register by November 30 and receive admission to a VISION CREATION 2021 event to be held in December.

· Register by November 30 and be invited to my half-day VIP VIRTUAL RETREAT on December 15.

Click Here to register!

Pay In Full for $997 AFTER Sunday at 8pm.

Partial payment plans look like this:

· Before Sunday at 8pm Deposit is $200 with two payments of $350

· After Sunday at 8pm Deposit is $200 with two payments of $450

Please please please reach out to me with any questions.

Get on my calendar here for a complimentary clarity call--how can I serve you?

If you would like to dive deeper with me and you’re not sure this group is the right direction, I am happy to support you.

Let’s jump on a quick Clarity Call and find out!


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