Resolution Refusal

To the tune of Happy Birthday: Happy New Year to you, Happy New Year to you, Happy New Year dear you…Happy New Year to you!

As we enter this wildly beckoning year of 2018, I am called to share my guiding words for this new adventure: Balance and Boundaries.

What are your guiding words for your own journey through 2018?

I’m not big on resolutions. I don’t know what the future holds, of course, no matter how much I might strive to create it, so I am not going to set myself up by giving my power over to resolutions.

January 1st really is just another day, not appreciably different from December 31st in my world. That being said, there is a freshness to this page-turning. Not only is it a new day and a new month, but it is a whole new year and many things do shift in our human world. There is something momentous about it even as we realize that life isn’t suddenly going to be a bed of roses (without thorns, of course), so I am choosing this particular turn-of-the-page as an opportunity to regroup, re-calibrate, and reassess my boundaries in order to help me sustain balance in all aspects of my life.

There is a natural slowing down and self-reflection that comes in times of darkness, and the quality and quantity of sunlight at this time of year feeds this inner seeking. The solstice, the darkest day of the year, has passed, and we are gradually seeing more sun each day—even if we don’t really notice it with our busyness and bright lights. Somewhere deep inside we feel a natural hopefulness with the return of the light, it is built into our genes as our circadian rhythms. Thus as we emerge from the darkness and move toward spring, we use this time to take stock. Gently, I tell myself, review the year which has passed. What do I want to continue? What do I want to transform? Gently. No hammering myself with resolutions, but an authentic verbalization of my hopes and dreams, making them real by giving them voice.

Boundaries. Balance.

What are your hopes and dreams for the New Year?

Give yourself the gift of taking a few restful breaths and ask yourself that question. Do you want to write it out? Draw it? Or sit with it as you ponder yourself as a small child? What does that child want for you?

If improving your health crossed your mind, please know I am here to help. I will be teaching RESTART classes beginning January 10th. The classes run for 5 sessions, through February 7th, and will be taught in the University area of Charlotte. I am planning both an afternoon (2-3:30) and an evening class (7-8:30), so please let me know which one you are interested in and I’ll get you the details.

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