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What is Nutritional Therapy?

Our bodies get sick as a means of communicating with us that we are out of balance. Rather than just treating the symptoms, Nutritional Therapy looks below the surface to address the root causes of the imbalance. It is an empowering healing modality because you, the client, are fully engaged.

Based on the results of several assessment tools--including a daily food journal--we use dietary changes and lifestyle tweaks, along with supplementation when it is called for, to help you achieve your goals. 

Nutritional Therapy strives to balance the six pillars of health: Diet, Digestion, Blood Sugar, Minerals, Fats, and Hydration. These are the foundation of vital living and when they are in balance, our bodies are in homeostasis with all systems operating just as they are meant to.

In our fast-paced world it is all too easy for us to get out of balance and get sick, whether we exhibit this as some kind of gastric distress, anxiety or depression, a skin disorder, or over- or under-weight.   


Each of us is a unique bio-individual, therefore, Nutritional Therapy is tailored to the different needs of each unique person. 

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